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Hi, I'm Brittany, a digital marketing specialist passionate about supporting small businesses' growth. Beyond work, I find comfort in life's simple pleasures—coffee, plants, music, rainy nights, and the mood set by soft lights. Art and digital design have been my passion since childhood.

As a kid, art was my go-to hobby. I drew incessantly, finding inspiration from artists like Bob Ross, Thomas Kincade, Banksy, & Takashi Murakami. My fascination with computers began early, at six, exploring the complexities of my grandparents' IBM 5150.

In 2015, I transitioned my passion for web design into a full-fledged venture after refining my skills crafting websites for friends and family. This journey led me through extensive training programs, shaping me into a Wix web design specialist with expertise from Google's Digital Marketing program.

My mission is simple: help dreamers breathe life into their business ideas. Through my blog, I empower individuals with insights on starting their business journey affordably. Join me on this fusion of creativity and technology, let's make your digital visions a vibrant reality, one step at a time.

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